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Look for the best acne scar treatment so that it does not keep coming back. The manufactured products can help you but not as great and natural as the skin calls for. The human body is designed for natural feeding and it is going to take original treatments to stop these scars permanently.

What is acne scar?

Acne infection comes about because of the response of bacteria and too much sebum dispensed by the glands of the skin.
When this infection is being healed, a protein called collagen fibers is produced under the skin. The white blood cells react quickly to prevent the skin from becoming infected. When this happens a scar is formed.

There are two types of scar, the raised and the depressed scars. When the human body makes excess collagen to repair affected area, it raises a bump in the skin.

When collagen fibers are not formed enough for healing the skin, it forms depressed scars. Depressed scars are typically deep pits that can occur anywhere on the face.

What are the natural cures for it?

Shea Butter treatment for Scars

Shea butter is highly recommended as one of the best scar treatment creams. It plays a very effective role in fighting Acne scarring.  Shea butter is derived from Shea tree nuts mainly in West Africa.

It is the “women’s gold” in Africa because of its ability to heal of acne scars and other skin problems. It helps your body to keep a lot of water which is crucial for repressing acne and pimples that come along with it.

Use the butter daily and you should notice improvement on your skin within two weeks. Make sure you purchase a 100 percent pure, unrefined, unscented Shea butter for the treatment.
Unrefined Shea Butter doesn't go bad. It has potent healing ingredients that last for about 18 months.

The color of unrefined Shea butter should be between beige to middle yellow.
Look for Shea Butter that mostly comes from Ghana, Burkina Faso, and Ivory Coast, because they are the main producers. Amazon carries some of them.

Neem oil makes a big difference

If you want the best acne scar treatment, you will need natural remedies like Neem oil. It  has strong properties that can fight bacteria, fungus and viruses. Neem is a tropical tree found in parts of Asia and Africa.

Mix two teaspoons of neem oil with ½ cup of carrier oil like olive and smear on to scarred areas. You may add more olive oil to the content to prevent irritation. Do this regularly.

Some people use natural soap with a little bit of neem in it and it still works for them. However, pure neem oil provides the best scar treatment cures.

Black Soap for best acne scar treatment and cure

Another important natural cure for scars is the Black Soap also called as Anago Samina (Nigeria Yoruba Language). This is one of the best acne scar treatment methods available.
It comes from West Africa especially Ghana, and Nigeria and can be purchased online like Amazon.

West Africans have been using black soap for hundreds of years for acne scar removal, and other skin problems including oily skin.

Black soap is made from a banana-like plant called plantain skin, and it does not have any distinctive smell.

The soap contains a lot of iron, vitamins A, and vitamin E. Lather a little bit of Black soap with warm water.

Rub the lather on your face and neck in circular motions for a few seconds. Be sure to avoid your eyes. You may let lather set for a few minutes or rinse immediately. Repeat this process in the morning and evening and you will begin to see significant improvements in your scars.

Make sure you buy the original soap. Fake ones are hard and dyed with black color, and they do have artificial ingredients. The original one is soft.

Rooibos Tea is here to help you

Rooibos herbal tea from South Africa is one of the new and best acne scar treatment remedies you can find. 

It is rich in antioxidants called polyphenols and it has the ability to absorb sebum (oil) from the skin.
The tea is completely pure and natural.

It does not have preservatives or additives, or colors added to it. Drink about 3 cups a day. You may also wash your face with cool Rooibos. Do this regularly and observe the outcome.

Do not forget about Yellow dock

The body needs proper cleansing of toxic waste for your scars to heal properly. Yellow dock is capable of delivering the necessary compounds needed to detoxify the blood and liver which play active role in the body toxicity.

Follow the direction for the required dosage on the bottle. This is also among one of the best acne scar treatment home remedies.

The onion remedy

Slice some onion into pieces until you get 1/2 cup. Add it to 1 cup of pure olive oil. Cover and lay it safe somewhere for about 2 1/2 weeks, and apply it to the scarred areas. Let it stay on for about 20 minutes before rinsing off with water.

Use arnicia ointment for treatment

Smear some arnicia ointment on your affected areas in the morning and the evening. If you have any open sore, don't apply it to the body because of its liver infecting toxic components.

Liniment salve remedy

Liniment Salve is a soothing first aid salve known for its healing powers. Perhaps you remember Liniment Salve from your parents' or grandparents' medicine cabinet.

This can be very helpful to your pimples problem. Apply the liniment salve to the pimples before you go to bed, and repeat this home remedy a few more times for the best acne scar treatment.

Homeopathic way

Fumitory for treating blackheads

Take the recommended drops of a tincture of this plant, available at natural health food stores daily. It contains anti-inflammatory compounds such as quercetin and rutin, and compounds that may act as an antiviral or immunity stimulant.

Balladonna is here for healing

Balladonna is a homeopathic remedy that can stop large pimple spots from occurring or bring to a head and heal them. Take it at first sign of inflammation. Use as recommended on label. Homeopathic remedies are strong and are among the best acne scar treatment applications.

Less stress less acne scars

Stress destabilizes the balance of the body. Stress can cause more scars on the body by altering hormone levels and disrupting digestion and detoxification.

Many people with scars are self conscious about their looks. That increases their stress levels. Techniques to reduce stress will definitely help reduce acne and the scars.

Do some exercise, take a walk, go fishing or camping. Go sight-seeing a while and take time to meditate to God.

All these natural home remedies are presented to you in order for you to get the best acne scar treatment.

Scars do not go away in two days so be consistent with the remedy and you will get a good result. However, let your physician be aware of your plans to try natural cures.

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