Effective Candida Diet Recipes

If you are suffering from yeast infection, adequate candida diet recipes can bail you out. You must also consider using other natural cures alongside these recipes such as vitamins and supplements.

Candida albicans is a yeast problem that can be effectively treated with cleansing diet recipes. Candida or (yeast infection) is caused by a group of yeast. This is also known as candidiasis.

It may infect any part of the body such as nail beds, skin folds, feet, mouth, intestines, belly buttons, and mostly vaginal tracts and urethra.

Both men and women are equally likely to develop candida.
Your immune system usually keeps yeast infection low, but if the immune resistance is low the body losses its intestinal balance, and candida yeast multiply rapidly.

Candida symptoms

If you experience any of the these symptoms, there is a possibility that you have a yeast infection. Good candida diet recipes can help you solve this problem.

Recurrent digestive problems, gas, bloating, or flatulence,
serious premenstrual syndrome or other menstrual issues, and endometriosis.

Others include fungal infection like ringworm, nail fungus, jock itch, or athlete’s foot.
Cravings for sugar, bread and alcoholic beverages are also symptoms of candida. Oversensitive to chemicals, tobacco, perfumes, or insecticides can also trigger candidiasis.

More symptoms include long term consumption of antibiotics, or corticosteroid drugs, like symycin, panmycin, decadron, prednisone, or acne drugs.

Getting rid of candida yeast infection is not easy. The longer you wait the harder it becomes, so get started with the cleansing candida diet recipes soon. The diet and supplement program will kill the yeast, eliminate the dead yeast from the body, and rebuild the immune system.

Candida diet recipes for cleansing

This is a 3 to 7 day nutrition plan that includes 2 or 3 cleansing herbs or supplements, and a bodywork technique. After that you need to follow a certain regular diet plan to keep the candida yeast under control.

An effective candida diet program must include, raw sauerkraut, 3-4 small meals a day, alkalizing foods, and proper food combination. These candida diet recipes will nourish your body while starving candida of the foods that support its growth.

Daily candida diet plan

  • When you rise up, take 1 teaspoon of cranberry concentrate, with 1 teaspoon of maple syrup in water, and 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar. Or, you may take a fiber cleanser such as (1 cup) crystal star green tea cleanser.

For breakfast

 You may take any one of these foods.

  • Scrambled eggs with onions, red pepper, and shiitake mushrooms
  • Brown rice with carrots and onion
  • Vegetable omelette with broccoli
  • Cream of buckwheat sweetened with stevia and sautéed vegetables
  • Oatmeal with 1 tablespoon of liquid aminos

Diet for mid-morning

You need a vegetable juice with Green Food’s Green Magma which you can get at Vitamin Shoppe or online, or Sun Wellness Chlorella supplements which you can get at Walmart, health food stores or online at a reasonable price.

Here is a simple vegetable juicing remedy for candida cleansing.

  • 1 bunch parsley
  • 2 cloves garlic
  • 6 carrots
  • 2 stalks celery
  • 3 collard leaves

Or, you may take Miso soup with sea vegetables, which is available in Asian markets, or 1 cup of pau d’arco, echinacea or chamomile tea. Any of these candida diet recipes for mid morning will do.

For your lunch

Take green vegetable salad with lemon, olive, coconut, or flax oil dressing, and turkey, chicken, or seafood.

You may also decide to eat steamed vegetables with brown rice alongside the salad.

Dinner cleansing diet

For dinner your meal must consist of broiled fish or chicken with any one of the following: Raw sauerkraut, steamed vegetables, green beans, and baked potato sprinkled with any sea vegetable and liquid aminos. You may also eat vegetable stir-fry with brown rice, sea vegetables and miso soup.

Before bedtime

Before bedtime take chamomile tea or miso soup.
This candida diet recipes contain cleansing foods that will help you. You may choose to go longer with the diet plan for sustained results.

Add to diet plan

While you are on the diet plan, you may also take 2 of the following 3 supplements to aid the cleansing process.

  • Origano essential oil – it strongly inhibits growth of candida albicans. Use only as directed.
  • Coconut oil – it is a rich source of caprylic acid, (a potent anti-fungal). The oil also has 50 percent lauric acid (a disease fighting fatty acid). Follow the dosage instructions on the label.
  • Reishi mushrooms – They support immunity and discourage infections. Follow the instruction as directed on container.

To accelerate your cleanse, use any of the following bodywork techniques alongside the candida cleanse diet plan.

  • Take an enema the night or morning before your cleanse. One of the best ways to jump-start cleansing is to flush the colon. It helps to quickly release dead yeast cells and toxins from the body.
  • Do some exercises such as walking. It provides more body oxygen, positive mind and outlook which are necessary to overcome body stress.

Practice the remedies and alternate the foods within the candida diet recipes plan, and be patient to see the results.

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