Effective Cold Sore Home Remedies

It may be your time to try cold sore home remedies after other formal treatments have not helped very much. These sores are such a nuisance they go for a season and come back a gain. This time, I thing we need more determined or robust home remedies for cold sores to deal with this so that it does not come back so soon.

Cold sores are small fever blisters that come up around the mouth and nostrils. They usually appear toward the end of a cold. The virus that causes cold sores is known as herpes simplex virus.

Most of us have natural immunity that enables us to keep it under control. Fever blisters can easily spread out to other people and usually younger people are the ones who suffer from it. After experiencing it the first time, the virus is more likely to reappear near or at the same spot.

Some symptoms of cold sore are itchy and tingling sensation, tenderness and pain in affected area. Others may include small blisters around or on the lips, inside the mouth, and the nose area, and some times elsewhere on the face. Sometimes the blisters may be filled with yellow liquid that feel hot and itchy. With cold sore home remedies, these issues can be contained.

Some of the causes and recurrence of blisters blisters include common cold,  weather condition, sore in the  throat, sunlight, fever, and menstruation. Other probable causes include stress and genetics.

Raw remedies to watch

Let us look into some serious oil treatments for cold sores. Essential oils are very strong in breaking the back of many ailments when they are applied properly. Please seek approval from your dermatologist to make sure your skin type supports different essential oils.

Punctual St John’s wort

Add the following components together in dark colored bottle for treating fever blisters.  Cold sore home remedies like this type is useful for external sores.

  • 4 droplets of tea tree oil
  • 4 droplets of eucalyptus oil (species radiate)
  • 2 droplets of spike lavender
  • 3 droplets of geranium essential oil
  • 3 teaspoons of St John’s wort infused oil

Add the first four oils drop by drop into a dark closable bottle and then add the St John’s wort infused oil last. Shake the bottle for the oils to mix evenly.  Put the tightly closed bottle in a dark cupboard for a day where the temperature is not more that 75 degrees Fahrenheit.
Clean up your blisters and make sure it is dry and apply a drop to it about  twice a day until the sore is gone.

Lemon balm cold sore home remedies

Lemon balm home remedies for cold sore are very helpful. As a matter of fact, lemon  balm is a very strong medicine for treating many different kinds of ailments.

For blisters or herpes you can use the topical cream for soothing. However, if you want a long term killer punch result, then you have to go for lemon balm essential oil especially the Melissa essential oil which is very expensive but it does the job. Follow the recommendation below to get the best result.

Place 12 drops of lemon balm essential oil in a dark colored bottle that can be closed and add 4 drops of myrrh essential oil to it.
Add 4 teaspoons of base Tamanu oil (also known as Calophyllum oil) to the bottle and shake it a few times to mix well.

Keep the bottle in a dark locker with temperatures in the 70s for a day to make it more potent. Clean your lesions and wipe them dry and apply few drops to them twice a day for healing. Please be aware that essential oils used as cold sore home remedies are strong so do not over use them. You will be on the better side if your skin doctor is aware of your natural approach to solving lesion problems.

Special quick fix

Sage, ginger and honey are here for you

Add one teaspoon of dried sage to a cup of water and boil it. Allow it too steep for about 20 minutes.

Sieve it and add a teaspoon  of honey and ginger to it. Drink at least two cups in a day and wait to see the outcome of it in three days.

Difficulty in Eating

Do you have difficulty eating because of canker sore? Well, just mix 1 teaspoon of baking soda with 1 tablespoon of salt in 1/3 cup of warm water to make a nasty taste. Pour some in your mouth for a number of times and play with it for about a minute and spill it out. The baking soda deals with the acid of the sores and the salt burns the surface of the sore to help you eat without pains.

You may also decide to use these simple cold sore home remedies like Black walnut hull tincture on your blister. It can easily be purchased online like Amazon. A little water melon frost to your cold sore also helps for quick fix.

Vitamins are always necessary

L-lysine is a major booster

  • There is an amino acid called arginine which helps the herpes virus to multiply. This arginine can be conquered by another amino acid called L-lysine which prevents the cold sores to spread. This L-lysine, is an essential amino acid which is necessary for human health but the body can't manufacture it; it has to be gotten from food.

Use the L-lysine vitamins and supplements as suggested by the label. The dosages vary for a new outbreak or preventive purposes.

Zinc plays important role in many things

  • Zinc helps the immune system to resist cold sores. It also strengthens the epithelial tissue on the lips and the inside of the mouth to prevent cold sores from getting some foothold.

Observe the suggestion on the label and take as recommended. Many herbal specialists recommend taking 3 mg of copper with it to reduce and prevent the recurrence of fever blister. However, find out from your medical adviser before doing so.

Other herbal supplements that can be effective cold sore home remedies may include the following:

  • Licorice which is helpful for internal and external cold sores, and Beta Carotne which strengthens the mucous membranes of the mouth and speeds the healing of cold sores.
  • Others such as Green food supplements like chlorella and spirulina help the immune system while astragalus kills cold sore viruses.

Juices for cold sore treatment

There are two good cold sore remedies for treating blisters:  Persimmon fruit juice and Boysenberry juice. You may use one at a time.

If you play with a little bit of boysenberry juice around in your mouth and let it run over the gums with your tongue, it will prevent cold sores.

Method of preparation

Pick the ripe and fresh boysenberry for juicing. There are two ways you can approach this.

  • You can crush the berries and pour very hot water over it to soak for about 2½ hours. Sieve the juice and use it.
  • Or you can use a blender or juicer for it. Vita mix juicer is good for this so you may try it and juice it for about 2 minutes. Add a cup of water to one cup of boysenberry juice and it is good to go though it may not taste great. If you think it's too rough, add a little maple syrup to it.

Diet makes an impact

Diet is one of the significant cold sore home remedies for treatment.
Let you foods be made up of plenty of chicken, eggs, legumes, fish, and meat (preferably grass fed or organic).

Also include potatoes, and take brewer’s yeast (I tbsp twice a day) for their high level of amino acid (L-lysine) which help to inhibit herpes replication.

Restrict these foods to prevent cold sores

  • Avoid acidic, greasy, and sweet foods since they often trigger an outbreak. Also limit the use of oranges, beef, shrimp, baked potatoes, and cheese.
  • Restrict foods that contain high level of arginine (an amino acid), such as chocolate, gelatin, seeds (hazelnuts, cashews, pecans,) almonds, carob, raisins and grains. Arginine intensifies the herpes cold sore virus.
  • The three worst foods to eat if you are prone to cold sores are chocolate, nuts and gelatin (Jell-o) so do your best to restrict them. You stand a good chance with cold sore home remedies  for extensive relief if you consider this methods.

Simple self care remedies

  • Pregnant women and nursing mothers must avoid using acyclovir for cold sore treatment, unless specifically advised by their doctor to use it.
  • Do not squeeze, pinch or pick at any blister.
  • Reduce stress level which can trigger cold sore. Meditation on God helps.
  • Try as much as possible to protect your face from sunburn and wind which can trigger cold sores.

Some of these cold sore home remedies may cost a bit but they are very effective and can last for a year and they are without chemicals.

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