Old School Herbal Tea Benefits

What do you know about herbal tea benefits? There are so many teas out on the shelves and they all talk about their achievements. However let us concentrate on eight of them that have always been used in the deep south of United States for treatments. States like Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama have depended on these types of herbal teas for generations and found them very beneficial.

How to use the teas

For the best herbal tea benefits, you may crush 2 teaspoons of fresh herbs or 1 teaspoon of dried leaves into a cup of boiling water and you may choose to add ½ teaspoon of honey to it for flavor. You may also combine variety of herbs to your taste. Nowadays, it is easier and faster to buy the tea package from the store. Let us go to the first tea now.

Herbal Tea Benefits of Beebalm

Beebalm also known as oswego tea, bergamot, and horsemint, is deeply used in the southern states.

  • After eating take some beebalm tea to prevent the development of gas in your stomach.

Rose tea remedy

  • Also for very minor bladder and kidney illnesses that do not require serious medical attention, rose hip tea can be of great help.
  • When you feel dizzy in the afternoon, take a rose petal tea for help.
  • If you want a soft dewy skin wring out a cloth in boiled rose hip water and apply to your face when it cools down. These are some important herbal tea benefits of rose tea.

Strawberry tea

  • Do you want your child to grow strong and tall? Feed him or her once a while with strawberry tea and little honey. You may add plump berry to the tea for enticement.
  • Do you have oily skin? Strawberry herbal tea benefits can come to your aid. Wring out a soft flannel cloth out of the tea and use it to wipe out the oil.

Yarrow tea

The best way to rip yarrow herbal tea benefits is to boil the fresh leaves in water and strain out the fuzzy hairs that can irritate your throat or just buy the package from store.

  • If you want to reject infections or stay away from them, then sip on this tea quite often.
  • If you have a cut, wet a cloth with boiled yarrow tea and apply it to the place to prevent infection.
  • Do not allow yourself to go through painful menstruation without finding a home remedy solution. Yarrow tea can relieve you of the pain significantly.

Mullein tea

If you are using fresh mullein, you must always strain it through many layers of muslin to eliminate the prickly fuzz.

  • For swollen glands, wring out a clean cloth from boiled mullein tea and apply it warm to the affected area to reduce the swirling.
  • You can prevent your wound in the skin from festering if you rinse it with strong mullein tea many times in a day.

Mullein seeds may have some effects that you might not like so do not be keen in using them.

Nettle tea

  • For nursing mothers who would need the flow of milk, a tea made from nestle leaves can be effective along that line.
  • If you suffer from mild facial pains due to damaged nerves (neuralgia), one of the best natural remedies to go to is nettle tea for treatment

Goldenseal tea

  • Goldenseal root tea helps the heart to be strong.
  • It also helps your blood to be purified making it difficult for infectious maladies to persist long.
  • The tea also helps eliminate ringworm infections when taken at bedtime regularly.

Alfalfa tea

  • Drink alfalfa tea continuously to reduce the puffing in your feet and legs due to water retention.
  • Fresh alfalfa tea is also good for children if you want them to grow with strong bones.

There are many different teas you can experiment with. However these herbal tea benefits from the South United States have been tested and proven to be effective herbal remedies.

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