Home Remedies For Dark Spots

So can I use home remedies for dark spots? Yes I can.  Dark spots also known as hyper-pigmentation can be caused by many different factors.

Too much exposure to sunlight outside or sun rays from artificial sources like tanning booth can result into dark spots like freckles or age spots (sun spots) over the exposed body.

This is because the body produces more melanin as a protection against the sun rays. The more sunburn you have, the more melanin is produced and the darker the spots. Acne can also cause dark spots on the body. Some foods, lotions, and drugs can also reflect on the skin as spots.

Which home remedies?

What about the sunlight?

Since dark spots are mostly sun induced, we will need to do something about staying in the sun for too long.

Some of us work in the sun almost the whole day and some of us live  in the hot regions of the world and down south United States where temperatures can get into nineties. So we have to take some serious measures here.

If it is possible look for a big hat like the Mexican hat when you spend a lot of time outdoors. Many outdoor market women and men in developing countries wear the hat for protection from the sun. If you can’t get it wear something like a small hat on your head if you are just out and about like the beach.

Choose Rosehip over Retin-A

Many people use Retin-A for spot treatment but they usually have to go through the after effects like itching, and redness every time.

You can get the same results form using real natural herb products like Rosehip seed oil which has similar Tretinoin ingredient like Retin-A for your dark spot treatment.

Spare yourself all that chemical effects with good natural home remedies for dark spots treatment. Some people apply glycolic acid to the spot in the morning and Rosehip seed oil in the evening for quicker results. Dark spots may take some time to fade so be patient to see it through.

Egg and lemon cure

Mix these ingredients together and apply them to your dark or age spots at night. Wash it off early in the morning with clear water.

  • 1 stiffly beaten egg white
  • 2 teaspoons of sugar
  • 4 teaspoons of lemon juice

Aromatherapy for skin spots

Combine the following essential oils and use them as home remedies for dark spots on your body.

Put 3 drops of benzoin oil or lemon oil in any vegetable carrier oil such as castor oil, Avocado oil and apply to the spot. Use enough vegetable oil to meet your need.

Glycolic acid and licorice treatment

The natural sugar acids called Glycolic acid from foods, and citrus fruits are good for uncovering the skin’s top layer. The licorice extract also works to fade out the dark spots.
Use any natural beauty products such as creams and extracts that have these ingredients and make sure to follow the directions for use.

Appreciate Gotu Kola

Gotu Kola helps new cells to grow and more collagen to be produced to bind the skin together. By doing so, it fights off dark spots.

Add one dropper of the Gotu Kola tincture to 2 ounces of water and drink 3 times a day. You may also decide to use the capsules daily instead of the tincture. Look for the suggested dosage on the label.

Get to like vitamins

We are going to need some supplements to speed up the home remedies for dark spots treatment such as B5, PABA, and Alfa Hydroxy Acids. Take the suggested dosage on the container.

One other herbal treatment for the skin problem is the Omega 3 flax seed oil which can be taken daily for even skin.

Since some skin spots can be induced by the liver malfunctioning, one can consider taking natural thyroid stimulation minerals that include iodine. However, it will be best for you to consult your medical attendant before using  this mineral for skin spot.

Juice home remedies for dark spot

Since skin spots can also be caused by improper functioning liver, we can take gooseberry juice to clean the liver anyway.  A combination of gooseberry juice and elderberry can also make a good lotion to be applied to any skin eruption in case we experience any.

Watch out list

There are some chemicals called psoralens found in some foods such as parsnips, parlsey, coriander,grapefruit, mustard, celery and limes, which can cause the skin to be extra sensitive to sunburns. You may observe what you eat and minimize some foods to see what happens.

Look out for some drugs that can also pave the way for dark spots, and age spots. Some examples are the antibiotic tetracycline, Thorazine, and some diuretics. Find out about the side effects on them if you intend to use them.

Be careful of lotions and fragrance which contain bergamot or musk oil because they can cause your skin to be more prone to damage from the sun.

Hope that these home remedies for dark spots will be of great help to you. Once again do not forget to keep your medical overseer informed about your decision to use natural means for some skin problems.

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