Simple Home Remedies For Snoring

Have you ever considered using home remedies for snoring to alleviate your problem? That might be your answer to an embarrassing problem like snoring.

Snoring is a common problem that affects about one-quarter of adults. It is most common in men, especially the older or middle aged and overweight people.

Why do people snore?

During sleep, the throat muscles relax, causing the throat to get narrower. The throat can be narrowed to a slit, causing the air flow to be disturbed. This creates an audible vibration known as snoring.

Sometimes, the throat can become partially or completely blocked. This will force the sleeper to fight for breath and wake up from sleep. This type of situation is known as sleep apnea.

Sometimes nasal congestion caused by aliments like allergy or  cold may also trigger snoring. Beside that snoring can also be triggered by excessive smoking habit and habitual drinking habit.

Home remedies for snoring

Shred some weight

One of the best home remedies for snoring is weight loss. When you gain weight your neck and throat gets fat and your airway is constricted causing you to snore. Snoring affects your peaceful sleep and wakes you quite often.

Because you wake up many times when you sleep, the hormones that cause you to eat are also triggered so you will find something to eat quite often. The more you eat the more you gain weight and the more you snore.

This circle can continue until you decide to do something about your weight. Once you start losing weight your airway becomes less constricted, the snoring reduces and you eating hormones return to normalcy.

Rhodiola herb remedy

Rhodiola herbs help to address snoring that may be due to obesity. It also increases the ability to exercise by increasing oxygen to the muscles, heart, and brain.

Rhodiola is used as a cure in other areas like, diabetes, depression issues, problems with anxiety, and aging. Consider using the recommended dosage.

Take the standardized extract of rose root to have a consistent level of active compounds. Some other names for rhodiola include Rose Root, and rose root extract.

Ashwagandha for relief

These snore remedies are good for obese people who want to exercise to lose weight. The herb provides vitality and strength. Its constituents help to improve endurance and exercise performance.

Boil 1 teaspoon of the root for 20 minutes, and drink 3 times in a day in combination with an exercise plan. However, do not take this herb during pregnancy.

How to avoid snoring with cayenne

Cayenne is used as an anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, neural, and circulatory stimulant. The herb is good for people who are sluggish and cold with circulatory stagnation.

A long-term ingestion of capsaicin, the active constituent of cayenne, decreases inflammation and reduce mucus production due to allergies. This helps to reduce allergy related snoring. Take the recommended dosage of tincture drops in water daily.

Do not use cayenne if you have nightshade allergies or digestive ulcers.

Cooking spray remedy for snoring

Cooking spray is one of the cheapest home remedies for snoring treatment. Spray a quick burst of the cooking spray in your throat before going to bed. The spray lubricates the back of the throat and helps stop snoring during sleep.

Diet tips to stop snoring

Eat foods that disperse and remove dampness such as lotus roots, mustard greens, water spinach, honey, grape fruits, banana, mug beans, and red beans.

If snoring is triggered by cold, avoid sweets, and diary products which may encourage mucus congestion.

You may also take garlic foods, and high-potency garlic supplements to encourage mucous deposits to break down.

General remedies

  • Avoid sedatives: Sedatives like antihistamine relax the tissues around the neck and head and increase snoring.
  • Side sleeping: Heavy snorers may snore any way they sleep, but light snorers may stop snoring, sleeping on their sides.
  • Avoid habits:  You will be better of if you let go alcohol and smoking entirely.
  • Use humidifier: Snoring can be caused by very dry air in your room, especially in the cold weather so try using a humidifier when you go to bed.

Snoring can be such a nuisance so explore these home remedies for snoring and see which ones help you most.

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