Solid Motion Sickness Remedies

You can depend on these natural motion sickness remedies mentioned below to treat any feelings of nausea affecting you.

When there is constant movement the body’s balance system such as the inner ears, eyes, muscle and joint sensors send out conflicting signals. This is what produces motion sickness or nausea, dizziness, and vomiting.

Home remedies for motion sickness

  • It will be nice if you will chew about 4 cloves before starting on a journey to relieve   motion sickness.
  • If you feel sea-sick or sick of flying, take along some olives and at the first sign of the sickness eat two or more of it. Olive has tannins that dries the mouth and minimizes the excess saliva that can cause nausea.
  • Twenty minutes before you travel on a plane or any other form of transportation, take 2 ginger powder capsules. This is a motion sickness remedy tested and found very effective.

Research validates ginger to be more effective than Dramamine. Ginger works in the intestinal tracts and not the brain as other nausea drugs do and does not cause blurred visions and drowsiness like these drugs.

  • This remedy sounds funny and strange but it seems to work for some people so there is no harm in trying it out. Tape a copper penny (coin) on your navel before you travel.
  • Here is one of the scarce but effective motion sickness remedies you can try. Place a can of ice-cold soda under your left ear and let it rest on your neck. This helps to prevent motion sickness.
  • If you feel dizziness or sickness on a plane or vehicle, drink 1 glass of pineapple juice or papaya juice.
  • Take some vegetable soup with ¼ or ½ teaspoon of cayenne pepper in it. This is also a good remedy for sea sickness.
  • Before you travel, take some Marmite yeast broth with a pinch of cayenne pepper to prevent or relieve travel sickness.
  • You can also take 1 bowl of rice mixed with 3 tablespoons of brewer’s yeast.
  • Take some sugar-free carbonated sodas with crackers to restrict  excess acid when you travel.

Vitamins remedies

Before you travel take some of these vitamin and supplements for  motion sickness.

Take B complex continuously for about 2 weeks before you start your journey. For a better vitamin B balance, you may add folic acid and B12 to it. Observe the dosage requirements on the containers.

You may also take activated charcoal to soak up acids before you depart on a trip.

Best ride motion sickness remedies

To prevent motion sickness, one school of thought suggests you sit in the center portion of the vehicle to restrict swerving, face forward and look straight and do not read while you ride.

Another school of thought suggests you sit near a window and focus your eyes on far distant objects as treatment for motion sickness. You might have to try any of these motion sickness remedies to discover the most suitable position for yourself.

For plane ride: Make sure you sit near the front or over the wheels. Do not sit at the back of the plane because the tail side is prone to more movement than the front and middle.

Cold water ride: When you feel nauseated on a plane ride, request for a cup of cold water and sip it slowly to adjust the pressure on the balancing organs of the ears.

Choose traveling time:  One of the simple travel sickness remedies is to travel after dark. You do not get to see much movement on the road and don’t get to see the unsettling motion at night as you see day time when you fly.

Cabin position: To limit sea sickness, stay in the middle part of the ship near to the water line where there is less motion.

Egg white and lemon: Before you go for a car or bus ride, squeeze out the juice of 1 lemon and mix it with the white of 1 egg and drink it before starting your journey. This is one of the working motion sickness remedies for traveling in vehicles.

Wormwood tincture: Whether you are traveling by land, air, or sea, do not forget to take along a small bottle of wormwood tincture. Take the recommended drops of tincture in water as cure for sea sickness or any motion sickness.

Green tea: This tea is one of the herbal remedies for motion sickness. Make a strong green tea and drink as often as you can. It is known to work effectively in reducing sea sickness.

Mint leaf: If you have some fresh mint leaves take them with you on a boat ride. Chew on them until they become tasteless pulp. They help as remedies for seasickness.

Aromatherapy remedy

If you feel motion sickness quite often when you travel in vehicles then this essential oil remedy can help you.

Get a small glass spray bottle and add ½ cup of distilled water to it. Add the following essential oils to it.

  • 10 drops of cedarwood
  • 10 drops of spearmint
  • 20 drops of dill
  • 40 drops of lemon
  • 70 drops of lavender

Close the cover tight and shake the bottle very well and before you travel, spray it 10 times above your head but not directly into your face. Let the mist fall in front but not on your face. Breathe the smell in deeply before you start on your journey. You can spray it in your vehicle before you leave. Use it anytime you feel nauseated.

These essential oil motion sickness remedies can last for 36 months when kept in a dark, cool, and dry storage.

Upper lip pressure

Press above your upper lip as shown with a darker dot in this picture for a number of times to relieve motion sickness.

Use your index finger to press firmly on the area every 2 minutes and hold it down for about 30 seconds while traveling. The outcome can amaze you.

Wrist pressure

This acupressure is also one of the motion sickness remedies you can practice. Place your 3 middle fingers at the location of the wrist marked with a dark spot in this picture.

When you start feeling nauseated press that point area firmly for 30 seconds every 2 minutes for relief.

Ear tug

When ever you feel nauseated, grab hold of your earlobes gently and firmly tug on them downward. This remedy increases blood circulation to the inner ears and helps to prevent or relieve motion sickness.

You may also massage your knee cup for 3 minutes to relieve the motion trauma.

Work with any of these motion sickness remedies and see the one that works best for you.

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