Effective Natural Remedies For Adhd

In reality, natural remedies for adhd play a significant part in controlling  attention deficit disorder behavioral symptoms. Since there is no easy way of detecting adhd physically or in the laboratory, it has to be determined through clinical history of symptoms and kinds of behavior.

Adhd affects mostly children but if left unchecked they can grow up into adulthood with such deficiencies.

Some of the symptoms of Adhd may include inability to seat still, restlessness, lack of concentration, improper motor skills, short attention span. Some causes of adhd may include poor nutritional diet, poor digestion problem, emotional stresses, hypoglycemia, and heavy metal poisoning.

Usually physicians prescribe methylphenidate (Ritalin) which acts like cocaine to the patient. You can determine the outcome yourself. This is the reason why ADD patient needs natural remedies for adhd.

Before treating adhd without medication, you need to let your health professional test you for the following conditions that can lead to the deficiency: nutritional deficiencies, food allergy, yeast infection, thyroid function, and anemia blood test.

Natural remedies for adhd

Nutritional values

It is well known to the medical field that typical adhd symptoms such as anxiety, aggressions, nervousness, and agitations are also symptoms of low blood sugar, or hypoglecemia. Many victims of adhd have low blood sugar and the following natural remedies for adhd can help them overcome it.

Do not let yourself go hungry: Always try to eat every 2 hours during the day to keep your blood sugar normal. You will do well with breakfast, snack for mid-morning, lunch, snack for mid-afternoon, dinner, and bedtime snack.

You or your kids foods must include vitamin B foods such as brown rice and brewer’s yeast which are good for healing stressed out nerves. You can combine these foods with leafy green vegetables.

Many children with adhd have excess lead or copper in their system so consider eating citrus fruits as natural remedies for adhd because they contain vitamin C which encourages these toxins to be released from the body.

Iron deficiency leads to short attention span and memory problem. If a blood test shows any deficiency in iron, give the child 1 tablespoon of blackstrap molasses which does not have sulfur. This is a naturally sweet method of dealing with ADD.

Serotonin is a chemical that produces calmness by the help of tryptophan. Include foods with such chemicals in your child’s diet such as whole grains, turkey and chicken (organic if possible), live unsweetened yogurt, and soy products.

Include some more protein foods in the diet such as low fat diary products, fish, beans, and nuts which break down slowly to maintain normal blood sugar level.

If your child has food sensitivities, let him or her take 1 glass of water every 2 hours if above 10 years, and ½ glass if below 10 years.

Foods to avoid

Stay away from high sugar foods such as candy, soft drinks, cakes, and pies which contribute to excess glucose in the blood. This triggers the release of insulin hormone that lowers glucose. This tends to lower blood level.

You must also do away with refined carbohydrates such as white flour, white bread, which turns into glucose quickly.

Stay away from artificial colored foods, preservatives, and flavors. Simply said, stay away from fast foods. Some common examples of preservatives include

  • MSG - monosodium glutamate
  •  BHT - Butylated hydroxytoluene

Follow your food elimination method from your physician’s food allergy test and work with it systematically to remove allergic foods.

Vitamins natural remedies for adhd

The following vitamins can be used to supplement your child’s diet. Beta carotene, pantothenic acid, folic acid, vitamin B, C, and E, Thamin, zinc, calcium, and magnesium. Just make sure the recommended dosage suggested by your nutritionist for adhd kids is followed.

GLA (gamma-linolenic acid)

The following GLA sources (Omega 6 fatty acid) can also improve the body’s “electrical connections”. They help the brain cells to function better. Just use the required dosage.

  • High omega 3 flax oil
  • Source Naturals GLA 240
  • Black currant oil
  • Evening primrose oil

Most of these can be found on health food stores and online.

Glycine powder: Add glycine powder to some water to form liquid and add a few drops of passion flower extract to it. This remedy taken by hyperactive children restores homeostasis (balance to the system). These products can be found online.

Planetary Calm Child drops or capsules can also be given to the child to calm him or her down. These are some natural remedies for adhd you can get in natural health stores.

Effective teas: Beside all these adhd supplements and home remedies, you can give your child some particular teas if he or she likes them. Some of the teas may include hops/lobelia, skullcap, catnip, and passion flower.

Special Juices for ADD

Celery juice is one of the important natural remedies for adhd highly recommended by nutritionists. Beside regulating attention, it does help in other area such as lowering high blood pressure, controlling eczema issues and psoriasis problems. Celery juice is strong and can overpower the liver if taken alone so it has to be mixed with other valuable juices for the best result. Follow the preparation methods to juice it.

  • 4 medium size carrots – unpeeled (yields 1 cup of juice)
  • 2 stalks of celery (yields ½ cup of juice)
  • Enough cucumber to make ½ cup of juice
  • Enough Swiss chard to yield ½ teaspoon of juice

Wash these vegetables and juice them separately. After that, blend all together in a blender. This will yield 2 cups and let the child drink this separately from meals.

With all these natural remedies for adhd, your child’s condition or even your own condition can be dramatically brought under control without resorting to prescribed drugs.

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