Natural Sciatica Pain Treatment

An effective natural sciatica pain treatment remedy is very important when it comes to dealing with these painful conditions.

One of the biggest body pains is from the sciatic nerves. The sciatic nerve is the biggest nerve of the body.

When your ligaments and muscles are overstretched in your back they can press on the sciatic nerve and lead to shooting pains down both or one of your legs.

This is known as sciatica. It will be advisable for your doctor to check you out first before administering any natural sciatica pain treatment.

Best Treatment For Sciatica

Sciatic pains hurt very much and you will need some special oils to ease the pain. A combination of the following oils can work for you.

  • Castor oil
  • Arnica oil
  • St. John’s oil

Mix equal parts of these oils together and massage your nerve track with it. Start from your buttocks and work it down the back of your leg. Apply this sciatica pain treatment remedy 2 times in a day for a week to ease your pains. However, if your pain is very severe, do not hesitate to see your physician because sciatica can result in permanent nerve damage.

Wintergreen oil: These home remedies can also be used for treating sciatica pains. Mix together equal drops of wintergreen, cajeput, and rosemary essential oils and massage your pain area with it for relief.

Other Oils for sciatica pain treatment

  • Apply mineral ice gel to relieve pain. You can get some in stores like Walgreens.
  • Apply white flower oil to reduce nerve tension. You may get this online.
  • Bach flower remedies chestnut oil also reduces pains in the nerves. You can get this in drugstores like Walmart.

Special remedies for muscle pains that can help you
Here are some remedies to overcome muscle cramps

Lying down on your stomach

People with back pains are advised to lie down on their stomachs. However, pain problem with sciatica is different. Sleeping on your stomach in this circumstance permits gravity to restore natural curve to your back . This helps to relax the muscles and ligaments so that the nerve can heal itself.

MSM supplement

MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) is a nutritional supplement that is an effective sciatica pain treatment remedy. Take the recommended dosage as indicated on label. However, doctors suggest starting with lower dosage and work it up because it may cause loose stools in some people.

If you are on blood-thinning drug, consult your doctor before taking MSM supplement because it may thin the blood.

Herbal supplements

Some of the important herbal supplements that can help you rebuild your nerve sheath are Relax Caps Crystal Star for nerves and Anti-Flam Crystal Star to control inflammation. You can get these products online or in health food stores.

  • Liquid chlorophyll: 3 teaspoons of chlorophyll taken daily with meals helps to reduce sciatica affliction.
  • Garlic and parsley capsules: The recommended dosage of these capsules taken daily also relieves sciatica.
  • Country Life Liga-Tend capsules: This is a special gluten-free supplement for sciatica pain treatment. You many get this herbal product online. Medical expects suggest taking this with vitamin E daily for the best results.
  • Other supplements may include Ascorbe vitamin C for connective tissue development, and quercetin with bromelain for inflammation.

Pregnancy and reflex point

If you are in your 2nd or 3rd trimester of pregnancy, the baby may exert much pressure on your large sciatic nerve that can shoot severe pains through your back.

One of the simplest way to reduce the pain is to find the reflex point of the pain on your body and press it down for a while. The reflex point for nerve is on your heels. Use your thump to gently press one heel for 2 minute and the other one also for 2 minute to get relief. You may do this 2 times in a day.

Food therapy

  • Consider eating some leafy green salad daily to relieve tension on your nerves.
  • Depend on magnesium and calcium rich foods such as tofu, green vegetables for nerve treatment.
  • Take a good natural protein drink daily such as Spiru-tein.
  • Consider drinking enough bottled mineral water daily.

Mustard green juice

The Appalachian Indians used this remedy to cure sciatica and rheumatic pains. Get some mustard greens, wash them and remove the stems and midribs from the leaves if you do not want to have a sharp taste.

Cut the leaves into pieces and juice them in a centrifugal juicer such as Vita-Mix. If you do not want to remove the stems and midribs you may juice the leaves in a mastication juicer. Add a little bit of water to the leaves to reduce the thickness of the juice and drink it immediately for your treatment.

General help

  • You may apply hot and cold compress to induce circulation.
  • Do some simple exercises such as daily morning ad evening stretches to reduce pain.
  • A hot Epsom bathe can also help relieve the tension on your nerves.

These home remedies for sciatica pain treatment can definitely restrain the pains. However do not hesitate to see your doctor when conditions are severe.

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