Natural Wrinkles Under Eyes Remedies

Any wrinkles under eyes or around the mouth, the forehead, or anywhere on the face is a very sensitive issue to us especially if we are still young. We want to find out how best we can reverse the problem. Our solution as a matter of fact lies in natural home remedies for wrinkles.

Wrinkles around the eyes, may be visible mostly beneath the eye, and on the corners of the eye. Wrinkles can be caused by many factors including sunlight, facial expressions, gender issues, smoking, poor diet, and age,

Remedies for wrinkles under eyes

Marigold oil

Marigold flowers and olive oil around the eyes can reduce wrinkles.

  • Add 1 cup of marigold flowers to 1 quart of olive oil, and place it in a warm stove for at least 8 hours. Sieve the content through a jelly bag or any similar filter, and use the oil around your eyes regularly to reduce wrinkles.

Egg white cream

Egg white mixed with sweet cream can nourish the skin cells and reduce wrinkles under the eyes.

Apply the mixture around and under your eyes, and let it stay for about an hour, and wash off with tepid water. The nutrients in the mixture, such as vitamins, unsaturated fatty acids, and proteins help to reduce wrinkles. Use this remedy four times in a week for the best outcome.

Puffiness under the eyes

Puffiness around the eyes is common as we grow old. Tissues and muscles around the eyes weaken as we age. Fat and fluid accumulate below the eyes, causing puffiness.

Too much salt in our diet can also cause puffiness around the eye. Salt is known to cause water retention, and water retention causes puffiness.

Restrict salt usage to less than one teaspoon a day, and limit diary products in your diet, to reduce puffiness around the eyes.

You may also use at-home remedies, such as cold compresses, to help reduce puffiness around the eyes. Apply these remedies to your problem areas for the best results.

Diet significance

Good nutrition is very important for wrinkles under eyes or any where on the face. Skin cells die quicker than body cells, hence the need to replenish them constantly with nutrients for smooth epidermis.

Be careful of Quick-loss reducing diets. They may deprive your skin of essential nourishment which can lead to lose of elasticity.

Yo-yo diets (diets that make you lose and regain weight) increase wrinkles by shrinking and stretching your skin on and off. It is recommended that a maximum of 2 pounds of weight lose in a week is sensible to deal with wrinkles.

Other wrinkles under eyes remedies

Brewer’s yeast: This yeast helps reduce wrinkles under eyes because of its potent vitamin B that increases collagen production to smooth out eye wrinkles. For the best result, mix brewer’s yeast with water and yogurt or wheat germ oil and pat over the lines. Allow it to dry up before you rinse it off.

White grapes: Grapes can help in toning and tightening your skin. Cut the grapes in half and apply the juice around your eyes and allow it to dry up before applying your makeup. You have to do this constantly to experience a major effect.

Light Cream:  Before you go to bed, mix 2 tablespoons of warm light cream with ½ tablespoon of lemon juice and let it sit for 2 hours. Apply the cream on the wrinkles under eyes and around your eyes and permit it to dry up. Wash it off with warm water and apply olive oil to the face.  Use the rest of the mixture in the morning and repeat the remedy daily for eye wrinkles treatment. This is one of the simple best cream for wrinkles to use.

Almond oil: Almond oil is good for softening the lines around your eyes. Massage the oil around the eyes 2 times in a day. The oil is mostly available in health food stores.

Retin A:  Retin A which is derived from vitamin A can help reduce fine wrinkles under eyes and the crow’s feet around the eyes after several month’s application. However it can cause skin inflammation and sensitivity of the skin to the sun.

Alpha-hydroxy acids: This remedy does better than Retin A. It functions as a natural face peel and works beneath the skin surface.

Plain collagen elastin: An old lady in the 70s with good face skin explains that she used plain collagen from health food store on her face each morning before applying a moisturizer. She did the same thing at night before going to bed.

Mayonnaise with egg: This is a simple wrinkle under eye remedy to use. Mix an egg yolk with ¼ cup of mayonnaise and apply on the eyes many times in a day for many months to erase wrinkles.

Vitamin E: Apply some vitamin E squeezed from the capsule under your eyes. It maintains cell membranes and helps to protect the skin from substances in the environment that encourages premature wrinkles.

Preparation H: Use some Preparation H around your eyes. It does moisturize your skin, and reduce wrinkles around your eyes. It is also good for puffiness around the eyes and healthy skin.

Morning dew: In case you have a problem with dark circles also, apply morning dew from a fully opened rose around your eyes to eliminate them.

Bilberry leaves: Get a fresh broth of bilberry leaves and dab it around your eyes very often to reduce any eye wrinkle.

Apply some of these natural remedies to your problem areas and accompany them with proper nutrition for the best results. Also remember to consider some creams and products containing natural ingredients like calendula, and gotu kola for wrinkles under eyes, and anti-aging.

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